Picture of the Day No. 55 The Annual Stone Harbor Baby Parade in 1928

No. 55

The busy image shown here was taken at the annual Stone Harbor Baby Parade in 1928.  More than likely this event took place also on the Fourth of July of that year.  This very popular gathering saw crowds of residents and vacationers all decked out and dressed up in a fancy way.  The long procession depicted here is led by the borough’s Fire Department Band which took place on Stone Harbor’s splendid elevated promenade, otherwise known as the boardwalk. 

Delve into this crowd and feast your eyes on the multitude of children, mothers, fathers, grandparents and the like having such a good time.  Such parades like this always drew many participants and were a great way to kick off celebrating an important national holiday with lots of fun activities including family gatherings, good food, a day at the beach and perhaps even some fireworks.