Picture of the Day No. 47 A Children’s Play Class on the Beach During the Summer of 1935

No. 47 

This lovely snapshot was taken of a children’s play class on the beach during the summer of 1935.  The Stone Harbor boardwalk depicted in this scene would endure for just 9 more years before it would succumb to the ravages of the Great Atlantic Hurricane of 1944.  In addition, please notice the “Nautilus” or long-standing apartment house with its cupola in the background.  While the devastating storm of ’44 destroyed the entire Stone Harbor boardwalk and lengthy fishing pier, it also was responsible for destroying the cupola atop the building shown here in the background.   Although the “Nautilus” building itself would go on to survive the test of time for another 18 years, it too would be damaged irreparably by the devastating storm that occurred on Ash Wednesday in 1962. 

Finally, like so many of the previous images shown here of late, this particular photo also currently resides in the Stone Harbor Museum archives and we are most grateful to that historical society for granting us permission to present these many outstanding photographic images for you to enjoy.