No. 65 The New Stone Harbor Casino

Concurrent with the construction of the boardwalk in 1916, the Casino building featured in this newspaper photo was built at 96th Street and the Ocean Front.  Originally, the Stone Harbor Amusement Company erected this structure for the purpose of providing entertainment such as “moving pictures, amusements and dancing”.  In fact, the Casino also offered both hot and cold sea water baths along with some stores and even dancing on the second floor.  Opening on Decoration Day or July 4, 1916, this large building at the outset was remembered as “being a fine draw to Stone Harbor”.  However, for reasons unknown, the original purpose of the Casino would be abandoned and it became known next as the Ocean View Hotel, then later as the Ocean Front Apartments and finally as a rooming house in later years.  This building lasted some 46 years, even enduring and surviving the Great Atlantic Storm of 1944 (which incidentally the boardwalk did not), before being destroyed 61 years ago by the storm of 1962.  A chronological array of post card images are provided here to reflect some of the changes that occurred to the Casino over the years.  I hope you enjoy these images!