Picture of the Day No. 61 – 1927 Vintage 4-door Sedan, “4th of July” at 83rd Street

No. 61 

While rather nondescript in and of itself, and void of any persons or action, this late 1920s photo basically features a 1927 vintage 4-door sedan.  Now take a look at this particular image.  The information accompanying this photo indicates it was taken on the “4th of July” (year not given) at 83rd Street.  As you can see, and as often was the custom at that time, the automobile shown here was decorated with an abundance of American Flags, perhaps for a celebratory parade.  Patriotism was popular and did indeed flourish in the 1920s and here is a perfect example of expressing such national pride for the American Way!

In closing, here’s an extraneous question for you, my readers/viewers:  What do you see on the roof of the automobile?  Do you see anything peculiar?  Look closely and try to identify at least 3 objects that appear to be fastened to the roof of the vehicle on the driver’s side.  Do you now happen to see 3 duck decoys?  Rather imaginative or creative extra decorations I would have to say!  I wonder if the owner also attached 3 more duck decoys to the roof on the passenger side of the car?