Picture of the Day No. 52 Railroad Velocipede

No. 52 

This circa 1920s photo image intrinsically is just too good to pass up!  While this very image per se is not a Stone Harbor scene, it nevertheless is stored in the Stone Harbor Museum archives and the photo was taken at the Wildwood Junction Railroad Station not very far from Stone Harbor.  For the record, the railroad station shown in this photo was dismantled many years ago.

The railroad man depicted here is riding on what is referred to as a handcar.  Specifically called a velocipede, this piece of equipment was used mostly for railway inspection and maintenance.  As you see the velocipede is an unusual looking and relatively lightweight 3-wheeled, 2-person vehicle propelled by the rider sitting in front of this apparatus. 


This second image shows a preserved railroad velocipede on display in a museum exhibit.  Because of their small size and low weight, such handcars could  rather easily be put on and taken off the railroad tracks at most any place thereby allowing trains to pass while track inspections and work were taking place. 

I am fairly certain that most of you readers will think that images such as these serve both as reminders of the past as well as satisfy those nostalgic yearnings that we may have to better understand the times of yesteryear either when we were much younger or even prior to our own lifetimes.  Photographic evidence can be very helpful and increase our knowledge about what were once common or ordinary everyday events.