Picture of the Day No. 24 – Hahn’s Restaurant

No. 24

Shown here is the upper half of a dual image Stone Harbor post card that was printed in the very early 1940s.  As you can readily see, the caption reads: “HAHN’S RESTAURANT, 96TH STREET, STONE HARBOR, N. J.” 

It should be noted that my selection and portrayal of this specific post card image was made primarily for just one reason.  Look very carefully at it.  Can you identify what is rather strange or seemingly out of the ordinary in this very picture?  (HINT!  The “original” structure was built in 1909 and its “replacement” was put in place in the early 1940s.)  Upon such examination, I think you will agree that this photo can be considered rather unusual.  Hence our attention to certain details in this image now enable us to see the “hidden value” in a picture that actually has very little to do with the popular Hahn’s Restaurant.  Finally, I hope you also will recognize and understand that this particular view was to be of a very short-lived duration.  We therefore should be appreciative that someone did indeed take this very photo and subsequently approve it for production and placement on a post card for us to see.  Timing is everything!