Multiview post cards consist of an assortment of two or more images on one card.  Generally speaking many multiview cards consist of an array of four different views featuring some basic elements or notable aspects of in this case the seashore resort known as Stone Harbor which is situated in South Jersey.  The 11 post cards selected for this brief article will be presented in a chronological order from 1936 to around 2000.  The individual scene descriptions of each card start at the upper left and proceed from there in a clock-wise fashion and ending at the lower left scene. 

Postmarked on August 6, 1936, this particular “Greetings from Stone Harbor, N.J.” card shows four distinct scenes: Sail Boat Race; On the Beach; Stone Harbor Bridge; and View of the Bay.  Rather than receiving just one image as was the case with most post cards from this era, the Easton, Pa. recipient of this particular item got to see and enjoy four different Stone Harbor scenes. 

In this case, the second post card starts with a nice view of the Boardwalk and Beach followed by Riding the Surf, then the Bathing Beach and lastly a view On the Beach. 

Thirdly, this May 31, 1940 postmarked card features the Shelter Haven Hotel, the Bathing Beach and Fishing Pier, Choir House and Bay and Carnival Bay. 

Next is a linen example of a multiview post card postmarked on July 13, 1964 showing the Yacht Club Basin, 2nd Ave. & Water Works, Aerial View of Stone Yacht Club and Beach at Stone Harbor. 

Fifth in our lineup is a tri-view dated August 28, 1981 and showing the beach which is one of the finest and safest in the world; the Stone Harbor Basin and the Shelter Haven Basin.  Additionally the caption goes on to state “There is excellent fishing and boating in these lagoons adjacent to the Intracoastal Waterway.” 

The next two post cards each display just two images.  There is one that shows St. Paul’s Catholic Church located on 3rd Avenue at 99th Street and Villa Maria, a sister’s summer retreat located on the beach at 112th Street.  The other card portrays the Stone Harbor Municipal Building on Second Avenue at 95th St. and the Stone Harbor Firehouse on 96th Street. 

Continuing to a card postmarked on June 22, 1983, we notice the Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary, 96th Street shopping area; 96th Street Water Works and Tower; and Surf, gulls and sailboat. 

Another 1983 card postmarked on July 24 reveals the expansive Second Avenue Parkway, the Recreation Area offering tennis, shuffleboard and basketball areas; the Bathing beach and the Popular shopping area on 96th Street. 

Rounding out the last two post cards are examples of what are more recent continental size items.  One card offers a Beach view showing walkway and sand dunes; View of the bay docks and homes; A view of the beach, observation deck and lifeboats; and 96th Street shopping area with water tower.  The other card starts with a Beach view showing walkway and dune grass; View of the bay docks and homes; A view of the beach, observation deck, and lifeboats; and the 96th Street shopping area. 

There are still several more multiview post cards showing a sampling of fine homes, beautiful cottages and ocean front homes in Stone Harbor but those will have to wait to be presented at another time.