Opened in 2010, the Maritime Annex at 235 93rd Street houses memorabilia of sailing in Stone Harbor. The Annex is dedicated to Edme and Irene Deschamps, owners of the boatyard where the boats were built.

In 2017 the Maritime Annex will partner with and be operated by the Yacht Club of Stone Harbor.

Boats currently on display in the Maritime Annex include:
The Comet , one of the first of the one-design types, was first adopted by the Stone Harbor Yacht Club in 1933. Hull number 7 is on exhibit at the Annex.
The Cheetah-Cat, designed by Robert Harris, was built by Deschamps Boat Yard in Stone Harbor.
A newly restored GP-14 (General Purpose, 14 foot) was added to the collection in the Summer of 2013. The GP-14 was designed in 1949 by Jack Holt as a two person competitive racing dinghy. Our GP-14 was originally constructed of wood and carried a spinnaker sail. This acquisition required extensive restoration. The restoration was done by students at the Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory and was partially funded by a grant from the Cape May County Division of Culture and Heritage .
The Comet, the Cheetah-Cat, and the GP-14 are well known world-wide in small boat racing circles.
A Sunfish, a Moth, an Optimist, and a Pram are also on display.

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