1849 First Life Saving Station was located at about 80th Street.
1889 Seven Mile Beach Company gave West Jersey Railroad Company the right-of-way to entire Seven Mile Beach.
1891 Stone Harbor Improvement Company bought local area. Development began.
1892 Five story Abbotsford Inn was first building. Located near 80th Street.
1893 First seven cottages constructed from 80th to 83rd Streets.
1895 A Life Saving Station built at beach front and a dirt road. (Now 117th Street and 2nd Avenue.)
1908 North and South Basins constructed at each end of town.
1909 Artesian waterworks system constructed at 96th Street and 2nd Avenue.
1910 Construction of Yacht Club Basin and 40-foot deep Shelter Haven Basin.
1910 First school opened with five students in the Oakes cottage at 83rd Street and 1stAvenue. Enrollment grew to 19 students the following year.
1910 Bungalow Colony developed from 109th to 111th Streets between 2nd and 3rdAvenues.
1911 Second railroad connected Stone Harbor to Reading Railroad System in Cape May CourtHouse.
1911 Stone Harbor Yacht Club built at junction of Snug Harbor and the InlandWaterway.
1911 First church built was St. Mary’s Episcopal Church at 95th Street and 3rdAvenue.
1911 St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Church built at 99th Street and 3rd Avenue.
1911 New Jersey Governor Woodrow Wilson drove first spike in the railroad connection between Stone Harbor and Cape May Court House.
1912 First coastal air mail delivery in New Jersey between Ocean City and the Beach in Stone Harbor via a Wright Brothers pusher plane.
1912 First Life Saver appointed was Cleon Krause; first policeman was MikeLennon appointed as Night Watchman.
1912 Original Shelter Haven Hotel (five stories high) built at southwest corner of 96th
Street and 3rd Avenue.
1913 Women’s Civic Club was formed to promote the beauty and welfare of Stone Harbor.
1913 First firehouse on land donated by Mrs. Reese Risley on 85th Street was dedicated with 20 volunteer firemen.
1914 New 8,000 feet long bulkhead built at coat of $200,000 after severe January storm.
1914 Boardwalk, 25 feet wide and 11/4 mile long, built at cost of $40,000.
1914 Stone Harbor incorporated as a borough. Elected borough council called to order by Mayor Howard Risley at Stone Harbor Yacht Club.
1914 Stone Harbor School No.1 erected on 94th Street at cost of $12,000.
1915 A better equipped school building with four rooms and a wood shop was built on 94th Street.
1915 The school built in 1914 became the municipal building or “Borough Hall”.
1915 A Fishing Pier at 106th Street with stores on the boardwalk included a theater and motion picture building.
1916 Bower Court, Weber Court and Stone Court incorporated as Bungalow Colony.
1917 Our Saviour Lutheran Church built at 93rd Street and 3rd Avenue.
1918 Bethel Union Methodist Church built at 82nd Street, east of 3rd Avenue.Later sold and demolished.
1920 First Baby Parade held on the Boardwalk.
1920 Harbor Theater built on 96th Street.
1920 Springer’s opened and began serving their world famous homemade ice cream.
1924 New Firehouse built at 96th Street and 2nd Avenue included meeting room for civic groups.
1924 Pumping Station with new water tank built at 96th Street and 2nd Avenue.
1925 Women’s Civic Club financed “Comfort Station” next to Pumping Station.
1927 Park Theater was built on 96th Street.
1929 Yacht club of Stone Harbor replaced Stone Harbor Yacht Club.
1930 Addition built to Our Saviour Lutheran Church.
1931 96th Street Bridge replaced by stronger span and railroad draw section.
1932 U.S. Post Office opened on northwest corner of 95th Street and 2nd Avenue.
1937 Villa Maria by The Sea convent, built at 111th-112th Streets by Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
1940 Chamber of Commerce formed with Mike Mixner as president.
1942 Sturdy Savings & Loan built at 94th Street and 3rd Avenue. Later name was changed to Sturdy Savings Bank.
1941-1945 Coast Guardsmen patrolled the 7-Mile Beach day and night because of danger of German submarines.
1944 Storm of 1944 destroyed Boardwalk, piers and many ocean front properties.
1945 Fourteen WW I and WWII veterans met in Borough Hall to organize StephenC. Ludlam American Legion Post #331.
1946 First Memorial Day Parade and Wreath Ceremony sponsored by the American Legion Post #331 was held on 96th Street.
1947 Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary consisting of 21 acres was created by borough ordinance.
1949 Harbor Theater opened.
1950 Playground at 82nd Street and 1st Avenue was opened for tennis, baseball and football.
1952 Stone Harbor Realty Owners Association (ROA) organized to inform property owners on important matters.
1952 Stone Harbor Lions Club received charter and elected James Wood as first president.
1953 New, larger St. Paul’s Church built.
1956 New brick Borough Hall constructed at corner of 2nd Avenue and 95th Street.
1956 U.S. Post Office moved to present brick building at corner of 96th Street and 2ndAvenue.
1956 New Elementary School built with library, “all-purpose” room and administrative offices on corner of 93rd Street and 3rd Avenue.
1961 First “Festival of Lights” sponsored by Borough, Chamber of Commerce and Yacht Club.

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